QUESADILLAS    Corn or flour tortillas folded over melted stringy Chihuahua cheese and served with a side of beans and sour cream. $7  Add Chicken breast, steak, or spinach. $2

CHICKEN FAJITA QUESADILLAS  Sauteed onions, red, yellow and green peppers, perfectly seasoned chicken breast, skillet browned cheese toped with more melted cheese, between two tortillas. So yummy. $11

NACHOS    Corn tortilla chips topped with beans and Chihuahua cheese.  Add jalapeños and or sour cream all over or on the side. Served with a side of guacamole.  $9  Add Chicken breast, steak, or piccalillo (ground beef).  $2

GUACAMOLE    Made fresh daily.  $6

QUESO FLAMEADO   Flamed broiled melted stringy cheese.  $8Add your choice of Chorizo (Mexican sausage), chicken breast, or steak.  $2Served with tortillas.



TORTILLA SOUP  Traditional Mexican soup prepared with an array of chiles and other fresh ingredients,  simmered in chicken stock, garnished with crispy tortilla strips, chile pasilla, avocado, queso fresco & sour cream.  $6

HOUSE SOUP  Pasta simmered in chicken and tomato broth, contains chicken and veggies.  $5

MIXED GREEN SALAD  Fresh greens, with lemon, garlic and olive oil dressing, walnuts, tomatoes  and jumbo shrimp $12 or chicken breast $10, marinated and sautéed in garlic and olive oil.

VEGGIE SALAD  Fresh romaine lettuce, chopped broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and red onions.  Add chicken breast, steak, or a filet of grilled tilapia.  $10



BURRITO  Flour tortilla filled with beans, Chihuahua cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, and your choice of chicken breast, steak, picadillo or pastor (seasoned pork). $9

VEGGIE BURRITO  Same version as the burrito, just leave out the meat and add yellow or white rice.  $8

SPINACH WRAP  Spinach tortilla stuffed with cauliflower, Mexican zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, chihuahua cheese and onions.  Side of creamy Avacado salsa.  $8  Add chicken breast or steak.  $2



TACO DINNER  Two corn (soft or hard) or flour tortilla tacos topped with lettuce, tomato, queso fresco or just cilantro and or onions, filled with your choice of chicken breast, steak, ground beef or pork.  Served with rice and beans.$9

FISH OR SHRIMP TACOS Two tilapia fish or shrimp tacos sautéed in olive oil, garlic, onions and SPICY chipotle sauce, topped with fresh avocados and cilantro.  Served with a side of white rice and black beans. $10

TOSTADAS  Two flat-crispy corn tortillas, topped with refried beans, queso fresco, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, sour cream and your topping choice of chicken breast, ground beef, pork or steak.  Served with rice and beans. $11

ENCHILADAS SUIZAS  Three corn tortillas rolled around in your choice of shredded chicken, steak, beef, pork, spinach, veggies, or queso fresco mixed with finely chopped onions.  Smothered in a green or red salsa and topped with melted Chihuahua cheese and sour cream.  Served with rice and beans.  $13

ENCHILADAS DE MOLE  Three corn tortillas rolled around in your choice of chicken, steak, beef, pork, veggies or queso fresco mixed with finely chopped onions.  Smothered in a rich and spicy mole sauce.  Topped with queso fresco. Served with a side of rice and beans.  $14

FLAUTAS  Four crispy rolled taquitos filled with your choice of shredded chicken or shredded beef.   Topped with lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and queso fresco.  Served with a side of avocado salsa, rice and beans. $11

CARNE ASADA  Charbroiled skirt steak topped with grilled onions and mushrooms, a side of mixed green salad with tomatoes, onions, avocados and a garlic, lemon and olive oil dressing.  Served with rice, beans and tortillas. $18

FAJITAS  Veggie $12, chicken $14, Steak $16, Shrimp $16, or any combo $18.  Sauteed to perfection with onions, red and green peppers and tomatoes.  Served with rice, beans, guacamole, sour cream and tortillas.  

CHILE RELLENOS  Fire Roasted, fresh poblano peppers, stuffed with picadillo (ground beef), covered in egg batter and pan fried, smothered in a tomato sauce (optional or on the side) and topped with some sour cream when served with tomato sauce. Served with rice, beans and tortillas. $13

GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST    Served with veggies and tortillas.  $10   A LA SUIZA.  Topped with melted Chihuahua cheese and your choice of red or green salsa. $12 Served with rice and beans

GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST A LA SUIZA  Topped with melted Chihuahua cheese and your choice of red or green salsa.  Served with rise, beans and corn or flour tortillas.  $12

COSTILLAS EN SALSA VERDE    Half a slab of slow cooked ribs smothered in a tomatillo salsa, with a slight kick, topped with bit of cilantro.  Served with rice, beans and tortillas. $14



CHURRO BITES  Bite size spanish doughnuts dusted with sugar and cinnamon, served with a side of spiked cajeta (Mexican goat milk caramel and tequila). $7

FLAN  A traditional Mexican creamy, rich custard with a golden syrupy topping of caramelized sugar $6

BUÑUELITOS CON HELADO  Light, crispy and sweet chips sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, topped with fat free vanilla yogurt ice cream and drizzled with your choice of "cajeta" or Mexican chocolate sauce.  $8

FRIED ICE CREAM  Fat fee vanilla yogurt ice cream with a crunchy cornflake, coconut, and walnut coating.  Served in a crunchy sweet buñuelo bowl drizzled with Mexican hot chocolate sauce and topped with whipped cream. $8

HOT CHOCOLATE  Traditional Mexican-style hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream.$3

CAFE DE OLLA  Traditional Mexican coffee prepared in an earthen clay pot.  Made with cinnamon, a hint of orange, a pinch of Mexican Chocolate and piloncillo (unrefined whole cane sugar).  $3



Soft Drinks in Glass Bottle $2                                                            Cans $1.75                  

Mexican Coke                                                                                      Coke                

Jarritos (Mexican Soda): Mandarin, Pineapple,                            Diet Coke         

Tamarind, Fruit Punch, & Lime                                                          Sprite

Sangria Senorial (a Mexican sangria-flavored,

non-alcoholic beverage, made with wine grapes,

essence of lemon, cane sugar, and carbonated water).



Yellow rice

White rice

Refried beans

Black beans


Chips & Salsa